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                     Ancient Spiritual Trek on the Kunisaki Peninsula


Minemichi Guided Walking Tour

The Kunisaki peninsula has numerous sacred locations scattered within its forests.

Get a glimpse of spirituality that has continued on for over a thousand years in the region by visiting places such as a moss-covered ancient temple or rocky mountain peaks.

Farming villages present unique scenery with forests and irrigation ponds that play key a key role in local agriculture.

The three-day guided walk offers rich experiences with local history, culture and ways of life.


 ◆Participants     From 1 to 4 guests

    ◆Tour Length     3days,2nights

    ◆When             Spring(Feb-May), Autumn(Oct-Dec)


Day1-Usa to Tashibu

Your experience begins with a coach ride from the Usa宇佐 station to Tashibu田染, stopping at Usa-jingu shrine. Tashibu田染,You will climb the wide and well formed short trail to Yuuhi-kannon夕陽観音observation platform.

Day2-Minemichi walk from Sentoji to Ofudo,Itsutsujifudo

The second day begins with a coach ride to Sento area. A quiet lane leads to a forest footpath, which winds first under a torii shrine gate, before passing a group of stone buddhas and stupas. Beyond here the path turns to flag stone and begins to rise steeply aside towering stone retaining walls that indicate the nexus of the old temple and hint at the power of the old institution.

 You will climb the short trail to Ofudo大不動, Kyu-Sentoji Temple Ruins旧千燈寺跡, Itsutsujifudo五辻不動.


Day3-Minemichi walk from Matama to Mt.Inomure

Mt. Inomure was once a holy site closed to women. Today, a lot of people climb to the ancient "Stone Circle" at its peak, from which you can enjoy a beautiful

panoramic view of the coast. Transfer to Usa station.

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