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          Get a feel for life in the Gotos, the islands of faith and humble living


Shimamichi Guided Walking Tour

The sharp hillside drops precipitously to the sea. On one island, you find churches and houses with

tiny gardens barely enough for a family to subsist on. On another uninhabited island you see rows of

terraced gardens from the past and a lone church on the hilltop looking down towards the sea.

We visit these islands in the East China Sea, at the western edge of Japan.


 ◆Participants     From 1 to 4guests

 ◆Tour Length     4days, 3nights

 ◆When             Spring(Mar-Apr), Autumn(Sep-Dec)



Previous night― Meet guide at Hakata port

             Night Ferry from Hakata Port to Aokata Port on Nakadori island(Kamigoto).

Day1-Shimamichi walk from Ebukuro to Tsuwazaki

             Local bus from Aokata to Ebukuro.

             Walk from Ebukuro to fisherman’s village Tsuwazaki. (12km, 4.5hrs)

     Sea taxi from Tsuwazaki to Nozaki island. Arrive at lodge.

Day2-Shimamichi walk “Nozaki island trek”

             There used to be three settlements (Nozaki, Nokubi, and Funamori) on the island and around 600                   people lived there. At present, there are no residents on the island. You can still see the stone-walled               terraced fields, a shrine, and some remnants of old houses.  The island have a distinctive, unique                     cultural landscape in Japan.

Day3-AM: Free (Nozaki island)


     PM: Boat to Ojika island. Arrive at Japanese inn or homestay

Day4-AM: Small island lifestyle/culture experience

     PM: Ferry from Ojika to Hakata Port(5hrs) or to Sasebo Port(2.5hrs)

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