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Our Walks

These are three-day guided walking tours.

Walk along a river to a small village deep in a valley, visit small islands in the East China Sea, or follow an old mountain trail that leads to a moss-covered mystical temple.

Relaxing countryside walks offer you direct contact with nature, culture and history unique to the area.

    □Distance Walked        5-10kms/per day

    □Weight Carried          Day pack (3-6kgs)

    □Accommodations         Japanese Inn, community owned Lodge and Guesthouse, Homestay, Etc.

    □Difficulty Level             Gentle

    □Environment                “Satoyama里山”, Forests, Mountains, Coastal, Islands

    □Tailor Made Private Tours

   These are customized guided walking tours. Walking is the least hurried way to get around,

        and it allows you to feel close to the places you visit. Stop to smell the flowers or peer at a

        singing bird, or say hello to a local farmer; many things are possible when you are on foot.



Spring & Autumn,Winter

Ancient Spiritual Trek

on the Kunisaki Peninsula.

Rich experiences with local history, cultural landscape.




Spring  & Autumn

Get a feel for life in the Gotos,

the islands of faith and humble living. At the western edge of  Japan.



Spring & Autumn, Early winter

After passing through deep valleys and forests, the villages of Takachiho-go unfolds before you.

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