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                           After passing through deep valleys and forests,

                                     the village of Takachiho-go unfolds before you


Yukoku-Senkyo Guided Walking Tour

The site is a steep mountainous site enclosed by the peaks of the Kyushu-Mountains, ranging from 1,000 to 1,700 meters in elevation. Forest-enclosed environment where flat land is extremely sparse, the people have established a distinctive and sustainable composite system of agriculture and forestry in the mountainous site through a combination of labor and ingenuity.

We follow an old valley side trail amongst the sounds of life in a clear stream and the chirping of birds.

The three-day walk lets you connect with nature, the mountain village and its people.

      ◆Participants     From 1 to 4 guests

      ◆Tour Length     3days,  2nights

      ◆When             Spring(Mar-May), Autumn(Oct-Dec)


Day1-Fukuoka or Kumamoto to Hinokage

       AM    Meet guide at Fukuoka or Kumamoto city center.

              Transfer to Hinokage (Miyazaki Pref.)

       PM    “Ishigaki No Mura(石垣の村)”walk  1.5hrs, 3km)

              Arrive at Japanese inn or homestay


       AM-PM   “Yukoku(幽谷)” walk  (4hrs, 9km)               

    14:30      Arrive at Lodge, enchanted small village.


       AM       Mountain lifestyle/culture experience

       PM       Transfer to Kumamoto or Fukuoka

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